The 1994 genocide against the tutsi occurred when I was 7 years old. I lost my parents, my siblings and other relatives. Consequently I didn’t manage to study properly. Once adult, I got married. I got children but the relationship with my husband was very challenging. We failed to live in harmony until we separate. That separation increased the grief of genocide trauma I had kept in my heart for long. I attempted 3 times to commit suicide. I had listened people saying that the consumption of the piles can lead to death; what I attempted. I consumed the inside content of two piles believing that they should kill me, but I didn’t die. Life had become a heavy burden to me. One day the community healing assistants came to my home and sensitized me about the healing sessions. I agreed with gratitude as I was in a great need. The sessions were wonderful moments of meeting other community members, sharing on our painful past and get advising each other in a brotherly mood. We were also including dances, songs and body exercises. I benefited much from the sessions as they could edify my soul and my body together promoting as well a social reintegration. My joints had become stiff, but thanks to body exercises I regained my fitness. I am now full of joy, peace and gratitude. I was dead but now I am alive, happy with another husband who loves me so much. Glory be to God who works through peace builders for delivering the victims from atrocities.