Our model: An Integrated Community-based Social Healing model

Our community-based social healing model integrates mind-body practices including Qi-gong, Tai Chi and Yoga, with storytelling through collective narrative practice (Tree of Life) and rituals.

Healing practices are provided by Community Healing Assistants whom we recruit from the communities we serve (in collaboration with local authorities), train them in basic notions of trauma and common mental disorders and equip them with our healing tools and group facilitation skills. CHAs are incentivized based on their performance and supervised by a psychologist.

Healing practices take place in healing groups of 20 people each. They are recruited from the community by the Community Healing Assistants who put them into therapeutic groups, and facilitate healing practices once a week for 16 weeks.

Healing groups transition into long-term support groups (self-help groups) which create additional activities including solidarity work, loans, cooperatives etc., to sustain healing, health and resilience. 

Healing Practices Steps

The healing sessions are structured in a safe and predictable fashion including all our model’s healing components from rituals (such as traditional dance), body-mind practices, story sharing depending on the theme of the day, breathing practices and meditations. Below are the healing practice steps from week 1 to week 16: 

In June 2017, we launched the first phase of our pilot project to test our integrated community-based social healing model in 2 Sectors of Kamonyi District, Southern Province in Rwanda.
The second phase of the pilot was implemented from July 2020 to June 2021 expanding the program to 3 more Sectors of Kamonyi District.

200 Community Healing Assistants (CHAs) including 114 females and 86 males have been trained so far

Over 3300 clients including 2411 females and 889 males have been served

Post-intervention health outcomes and socio-economic effects are very valuable  

We create healthier and more productive communities by healing people living with psychological trauma and other common mental disorders, convinced that everyone deserves a dignified life