“When the genocide against the tutsi started I was 11 years old. My parents and siblings were killed; I survived with some family members but I did manage to live in good terms with them. That situation caused me to misbehave and I ended by leaving the school. Family members decided to transfer me to Kigali. Once there, I kept my anxiety and felt traumatized. I became more than more depressed. Then I got married believing that it would be the end of my sufferings. Living with my husband turned into nightmares after some months together. We were in endless conflicts. He used to bit me so that I regretted why I got married to him. Sometimes I wondered that he despised me for the only reason that I am an orphan. I was so grieved. Our conflicts ended in a divorce and I joined another husband. The new family in law hated me more than the previous. I got so anxious and alone until I lost even the hope of living. I decided then to separate in order to feel a relief from all those negative forces that surrounded me. When I decided to come back to my home, it is the time I got the information about the healing groups. I was interested and started to attend. However, when I attended the first session, I met someone I conflicted with so that I was not free to reveal all the truth on my case. Later I dared to share my difficulties and felt satisfied by the experience. I learned much that contributed to upgrade my lifestyle. I decided to get reconciled with all those we were conflicting with. I had disgusted my husband but now we are in a positive mood together, I am no longer feel alone, I edified myself, I share everything with everybody. I am grateful for the initiators of a program like this; I will announce it to many more people who might attend because they can acquire much from it that can liberate their hearts.”