Kevin D. Batt

Kevin D. Batt is an attorney in Boston, Massachusetts. His practice includes municipal, land use, environmental and energy law, and he has specialized recently in assisting communities host and develop renewable energy facilities. He has served on the Executive Board of the Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association (MMLA). Mr. Batt has long been active in promoting human rights in his local community and abroad with a current focus on protecting immigrant rights in the face of anti-immigrant policies of the United States federal government. He serves on the Board of Multicultural Education Training and Advocacy (META), a legal advocacy group supporting the rights of English Language Learners throughout public school systems in the United States. Mr. Batt previously served on the boards of Cambridge Cares About AIDs and AIDs Action Committee of Boston. In the past he helped litigate the rights of same-sex couples to marriage and celebrated the first judicial ruling recognizing marriage equality in Massachusetts. His interest in human rights has now expanded to movements in East Africa since his journey there in 2015. In addition to his service on the board of Ubuntu Center for Peace, he serves on the board of Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG), which engages in the front line struggle to protect gays, lesbians and other sexual minorities in Uganda.