MUSIRIKARE Theoneste got married to a 38 years old female; they are together for 12 years with 5 children. Their daily life was business oriented, and they were working hard to develop their family. Surprisingly they spent 6 years of social conflicts that lead them to broke through their relationship for 3 years where they could not even sleep in the same bed despite different frequent local leaders’ interventions. “I was a business man but could not bear miss trust from my wife” I thought before that money was everything to me, that I was happy and peaceful with it but with a lot of social challenges with my wife, I lost happiness, peace, … I developed a lot of symptoms that would never reveal specific diseases and proper treatment despite consulting plenty of privilege hospitals. The symptoms like chronic insomnia, loss of appetite, loneliness, loss of interest in self and in life, severe weight loss (from 85kg t0 45kg in 1 year) persisted and I attempted many time to resolve it unsuccessfully with much alcohol intake. I was considered like a crazy person without hope of life till when Community health assistants came to us and sensitize us toward attending the sessions which successfully reunite I and my wife through active listening and reinterpretation of misconception and false believes and we are currently living together in happy life, sleeping in the same bed: “honey moon period”. I am recovering from previously mentioned different psychosomatic symptoms and I am progressively regaining my weight and thinking again about development. My sincere gratitude to UCP for giving me life back!”