“I am a married person with three children. I participated in the 1994 genocide against the tutsi. Then I was imprisoned until the President clemency released me. Though I was liberated from the prison, I was always guilty of my deeds during the genocide. I isolated myself. I felt unworthy to be with other people due to my status. I was like a cursed and excluded person. I felt less than a person. When I got informed about the healing groups I was still with those negative feelings. However, I got interested with attending the sessions. I met in the group the people I offended and the program gathered us and that contributed to feel better. I progressively get off from anxious and loneliness mood and I also get rid of the guilty and I started to feel again as a human being. In nowadays, when I talk with genocide survivors I no longer feel worried rather I feel relaxed. I am grateful for those who initiated the program, may it be spread to more people because it is very useful”.