Our Theory of Change


Our Theory of Change is summarized in the figure below.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Research

As we do implement our innovative program in community-based social healing, we want to learn about what works and what does not, how and why it works using rigorous research methodologies in order to generate evidence for effectiveness and devise strategies for scale up. The evidence will provide us foundations for our advocacy efforts and in positioning the organization in innovative methods of tackling trauma and common mental health disorders in traumatized societies. 

Our strategic focus July 2021- June 2024

Our overarching goals from which all priorities will derive during the above strategic period include:
GOAL 1: Expand program activities to additional 3 districts, reaching over 36,000 patients as we refine the community-based social healing model and prove its effectiveness
GOAL 2: Positioning organization to achieve scale up 

We create healthier and more productive communities by healing people living with psychological trauma and other common mental disorders, convinced that everyone deserves a dignified life